Best Places to Visit in India with Friends after Lockdown

Yes, Our friends have discussed the lockdown, quarantine, COVID, etc. As you all stuck in the home from the last few months, Yes It's self-torture, but we have to, to get shed of this situation. Expectantly, the pandemic will be end soon. We all love to travel, and the discussion again came to the most missed passion. Yes, Traveling with friends and family has an extra apostrophe. Here we charted some of the places which you can visit after this pandemic.   India is a country with many cheap places to visit.
Best Places to Visit in India with Friends after Lockdown
Best Places to Visit in India with Friends after Lockdown

Many people want to go to cheap places to travel, university students or middle-class people always want to travel on a low budget.

There are many families in India, who do not have much money to move around, so they always prefer to roam in cheap or low budget places.

In this article, we will tell you about the most affordable and most attractive places in India where you can enjoy a good trip even on a low budget.

So, let's know about the most affordable places to visit in India.

India is a very beautiful country which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world with its beautiful surroundings, delicious food, and adventurous activities. In this article, a list of special places in India is given, for which you can plan a great budget trip with Friends after Lockdown.

Goa is the best and most affordable place to visit India.

 Goa is the best and most affordable place to visit India.

Those who want to know about the most affordable places in India, let them know that Goa is everyone's favorite tourist destination in India, which is a very popular destination due to its beaches, Portuguese architecture, forts, local markets, and palm trees, etc. If you are looking for a cheap place to visit in India, then you should go to Goa.

After visiting Goa, you can rent a bike to ride there and if you want to have fun here with your friends, there are many pubs as well. Goa is a special place for foreign tourists to watch the rising waves with its famous beaches and beautiful beaches, Goa is one of the most popular places in the country to travel for its attractive beaches in the world. A special place has been etched on the map. Goa also has some of the best beaches. People have a different interest in visiting Goa, each generation likes to have fun at this place of sun, sand, and surf by the sea.

During your visit to Goa, you can also enjoy the wonderful beaches and beaches located from north to south of the state of Goa. India's "The State of the Sun", Goa is an ideal place for a long vacation or honeymoon.
Goa is an ideal holiday destination, with 105 km of beautiful beaches and endless beaches. The calm and picturesque atmosphere attracts everyone. In fact, which beach do you have to visit before taking a vacation in Goa? So that you do not miss any good beach in Goa.
we provide information on which beach to visit during your trip to Goa.

Ordering the 10 best beaches in Goa is not an easy task as most of the Goa beaches are known for their distinct beauty and geographical charm.

In this article, we will give you a tour of the 10 best beaches in Goa. Let's go to the best beaches in Goa and know what it is.

*. Foreigners' favorite place in Morjim Beach Goa.

Morjim Beach Goa

 Panaji, located north of Morjim Beach, this beach is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Morjim beach is a bird-watching spot and nesting Olive Ridley turtle in danger of extinction. If you are interested in preserving the Olive Ridley Turtles, you may find Galjibagh Beach even more isolated. You can also have fun in the sea sand on the beach of Morjim in Goa. The bars and shacks or small wooden and bamboo cabins of this beach make it an attractive tourist destination and Morjim beach in Goa is a favorite place for foreigners.

*. Holidays in Baga Beach Goa.

Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach, a little south of Morgim, offers a completely different environment. It is one of the most famous beaches of Goa, here you can see a very serene and enchanting environment and with this, you will have the opportunity to enjoy coffee and golden sand. You can enjoy water sports activities here with the family-like ski, jet ski, speedboat, banana ride, etc. This beach is famous for its nightlife, parties, so anyone can go here. Baga Beach is famous for its delicious seafood, nightlife, Tito and Membos nightclubs, and McKay's Saturday Night.

*. Candolim and Calangute Beach to visit in Goa.

Candolim and Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is known as the "Queen of Beaches" and is one of the best beaches in Goa. Candolim and Calangute Beach are one of the most popular beaches for British tourists to spend long holidays. The resorts here have a very pleasant atmosphere, and Goa's delicious curry is a favorite for tourists. Calangute Beach is well-known for its golden and sparkling sand and is the most magnificent seaside in North Goa. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in Goa. This beach is slightly wider than soft sand, but the sea waves are quite strong here.
Additionally, you can also do some of the best water sports here, such as parasailing and jet ski rides.

*. Goa Sinquerim Beach Serre for Honeymoon.

Sinquerim Beach Serre

North Goa has one of the least populated beaches. Synergium Beach has white sand and is very close to the famous Aguada Fort. There are many luxury hotels near you, if you want to celebrate a special occasion, there are many luxury packages available here. Besides, Sinarium Beach, Fun, and Beach is an attractive beach for the party. Meanwhile, there are many decorations, such as sand, palm trees, etc., which make this beach an ideal holiday destination.

*. Goa Vagator Beach Goa's best beach with family.

Vagator Beach Goa

Vagator Beach is located in North Goa. Here you can see a dramatic view of the red rocks behind the sandy strip of the sea. There is golden sand under the rocks. The entire beach is also full of tall trees. Known for crazy trance parties. The crowd here mainly consists of young European and Indian travelers. On other occasions, Vagator is a cozy and quiet beach and is rarely crowded here. Vagator has many options for eating, drinking, and lodging and is available here, from very basic backpackers to elegant resorts. Although these beaches cannot be considered the most luxurious of Goa.

These small and cozy coastal locations have a distinct beauty and charm. The small sand beds are rich in rocks and quarries, and it is a great idea to enjoy the sunset here.

*. Cola beach attractive for foreigners

Cola beach attractive for foreigners

Although the beaches of South Goa are famous for their serene and undeveloped landmarks, Cola Beach enjoys a charismatic atmosphere. Colored fishing boats, white sands for sunbathing, are also filled with energetic parasailors along the coast. Koloa is a coastal town in Salsette, located on the west coast of India. Cola beach stretches for about 2.4 kilometers (1.5 mi) and is part of the coast. The north cape extends to Rama, which is located in about 25 kilometers (16 mi) of white sand, along the banks of coconut trees and from Bogmalo.

*. Information about Goa Chapora Beach

Goa Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach is a quiet beach and its water sports, next to the beach, good food, make it one of the most favorite beaches in Goa. The white sand with black lava rocks and the view of Fort Chapora overlooking the sea gives a spectacular view here. You can also visit the nearby town of Chapora. The film Dil Chahta Hai was filmed here at Fort Chapora.

*. Mobor Beach to celebrate in Goa


Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach in South Goa is an attractive beach to visit, which is the perfect place for tourists visiting Goa for their holidays. It is especially blessed that there is a soft ground of soft white sand that appeals to you throughout the tour. Mobor Beach is located next to Cavelossim Beach if you want to travel to South Goa. I want to enjoy parties, water sports, and other activities. So Mobor Beach maybe your favorite destination.

*. Enjoy with the family on the beach of Arossim

beach of Arossim

The beaches of Goa have a wide and wide area of ​​golden sand on the beautiful beach of
Arossim Beach surrounded by crystal clear water and dense forests. Explosions also occur on this magnificent beach. The beach is surrounded by three other beaches, so it is difficult to distinguish them. All three beaches belong to the area of ​​Kansaulim village located in Salsette taluka (Salsette region) in South Goa.

On the south side of the Austrium complex, you can visit two world-famous beaches of Utarda and Majorda. The distance of Margo from Arosim beach is about 12 km from the main city, and the distance from Dabolim International Airport is about 16 km.

*. Sizzling Honeymoon Destination and Palolem Beach Nightlife.

Palolem Beach

Often referred to as the best beach in Goa, Palolem Beach has a lot to offer. Palolem Beach is a long stretch of palm-lined sand, plus it is one of the safest swimming areas in Goa. Although this beach is not as underdeveloped as in preceding years, the attraction here is the best beach hut that serves local food. Palolem beach is a stretch of the white sand bay in southern India.

Most affordable tourist destination in India Pondicherry.

tourist destination  India Pondicherry

If you are thinking of going to cheap and different places in India, there cannot be a better place than Pondicherry for you. Here you can get a French experience. Pondicherry is one of the most attractive and fascinating tourist destinations to visit in Southern India. Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry is a small city in southeastern India, which is remarkably cheap and good for travel. After landing in Pondicherry, you can take a stroll through the streets in the daytime and enjoy your trip at night in the many cafes on the beach.

 The cheap and natural place to travel in India Gokarna.

cheap  natural place  travel   India Gokarna

If you are looking for places to visit in India on a low budget and want to enjoy your journey in peace, then there is no better place than Gokarna for you. Let us tell you that Gokarna is a small city in Karnataka, which is a very famous tourist destination due to its beach and temple. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Gokarna in search of purity and salvation. To enjoy the pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes, you can hire a ferry from local fishermen to visit the beaches of Gokarna. Gokarna's name also includes among the most affordable places to travel in India.

 Darjeeling, the quietest and lowest budget tourist destination in India.

Darjeelin lowest budget tourist destination in India

When it comes to the best and most affordable places in India, how can you leave the tourist destination of Darjeeling behind? Darjeeling, popularly known as the Queen of the Himalayas, is an important tourist destination in India. Surrounded by lush green tea plantations spread over a mountainous hill, Darjeeling is located at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level. The climate of this city remains cool throughout the year, which makes it a special tourist destination.

 Kanyakumari is the most visited place in India.


Kanyakumari is a very elegant and winning place as India is one of the main points of the country. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of sunrise and sunset on the beach. If you are looking for a cheap place to visit in India, then this tourist destination will be right for you.

 Most affordable tourism in India Hampi.

50 rupees note tourism in India Hampi

If you are a history lover and want to know an inexpensive place to visit in India, then going to Hampi would be a better option for you. Hampi is called the home of ruins and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a historical place located in the deepest depths of hills and valleys in the state of Karnataka. The most amazing thing here is that here you can eat 200-300 rupees for three times.

Most affordable and most beautiful Nainital in India.

Nainital in India

Nainital is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Uttarakhand, which is situated in the middle of the Kumaon hills. Naini Lake and the beautiful hills around it are the main attraction here. Cheap food and hotels are also available in this beautiful hill town. Along with this, you can also do boating here at very low prices.

 The most standard hill station in India, Lonavala.

hill station in India, Lonavala

Lonavala's tourist destination is a popular spot on the hill station near Pune and Mumbai, which is a good place to visit in India with its waterfalls, lakes, and hills. All types of people, especially pedestrians and pedestrians, visit Lonavala. Lonavala is named one of the best economic travel destinations in India. If you are also looking for a low budget tourist destination, then do visit Lonavala.

Munnar, a low-budget place in India.

Munnar, a low-budge

Munnar is an important tourist destination in India, which is quite cheap and good. Munnar is a hill station famous for its tea gardens, flora, and rotting peaks. It is a quiet town on a hill where you are expected to live and eat at very low prices. If you want to visit a low budget place in India, then you must visit Munnar.

The Biggest island in World from Assam- Majuli.

Majuli island assam india 2022

The most famous places on the island of Majuli are the Sessions, which are known as ashrams or monasteries in other parts of India. These sessions were founded by the 15th-century saint Guru Shankaradeva. Although the original sessions established by them have merged into the river today, many such sessions are still active and were created by many followers of Saint Guru Shankardev.

Majuli is not an island simply because it is surrounded by water, but many things really make it an island and one of them is a means of transport. The only way to reach Majuli is the Ferry, which has connected the island to the outside world for generations. People also say that they do not know of any route other than this ferry as far as they remember.

Here comes a ferry from Nimati Ghat of Jorhat, which is the nearest town, 5 times a day. This ferry takes people to Majuli between 60-90 minutes according to the season and then comes back as many times. But on returning, it takes twice as long to run against the stream of the river. According to the fluctuations and flow of water in the river, the ferry stations on both sides keep changing their locations. Generally, the location of these ferry stations varies from 6-7 times a year. Everything on this island comes through this ferry, whether it is vehicle fuel or food items.

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